The Art of Getting a Blog

Maybe I shouldn’t call it in art, so much as an obstacle. Or the cheese at the end of my rat’s maze. As an aspiring writer, I’ve always admired blogs and thought it would be wonderful to have one of my own, but the thought of actually going and creating one, and then filling it with my own content was so overwhelming.

One of my fears was that I knew I’d have to choose a topic for my blog, and I’ve always been interested in so many different things. I love fitness, I’m a CrossFit girl, but I also am into digital art and I’m a student of graphic design. And then there’s writing, which I’ve always done and hope to always do.

It came down to a school assignment:

If you haven’t already created a blog, please do so now.

Well then, I guess I can’t put it off any longer. I seem to always find myself in situations in which I’m being pushed into doing something I’m not comfortable with. This turns out to be good for me, but it’s hard to accept the fact at the time.

So, hello vast world. I’ve been here all along, but here’s one more voice shouting in the void of the Internet. I am afraid no one will hear me and at the same time I am afraid that everyone will.